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Our vision and approach helps to maximize your online marketing ROI through focusing on target audience and repeated visitors.

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With over 13 years online marketing consultancy experience, optimizing local business websites to sites having thousands of pages, you can be assured to fulfill your business goals. We help companies create and execute SEO and Online Marketing activities that accelerate growth and improve user experience to increase conversions.

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How can EagleMedia help you?

No matter how many leads your online marketing unit is generating, our five core competencies of Business Analysis, Keyword Research, Track Competitor,  Optimize Collateral and Connect Audience help you to shape the online marketing campaigns to reach your target audience and create the need to contact you, resulting in-bond leads that have better chance of conversion.

WordPress Web Design

Build your website on WprdPress CMS to convey the company’s message.

Facebook Ads

Stay in touch with your prospective customers at a minimal cost.

Local SEO

Make use of SEO & Local SEO techniques to position before target audience.

Local PPC Ads

Accelerate the lead generation using Paid Marketing activities.

Falling in love with Google

In 2006-07, a time when Google was evolving as a brand name for search and investing a premium price to buy advertising channels & platforms like Youtube, Double Click – excited us to investigate about Google, unknowingly fell in love with SEO, which is the outcome of core values at Google search.

Treating Google as a library, analysed ways it filters and retries data and serves results for visitor coming from different location. In simple, a librarian cannot serve the same book to a visitor from different locations.

A step further, SEO helped to discover rich content, enhancing our skills in various channels of online marketing, branding and analytics, added as a top up to our core sales & marketing experience. Leveraging this experience, started Eagle Media, helping business to build and establish online, increase brand awareness and scale up to reach global markets.

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