Digital Marketing Course

Digital Marketing Course

Digital Marketing is typically a broad term intended for advertising via digital technologies and mainly through the internet. In brief, Digital Marketing is about promoting products or services online using electronic devices.

Due to the growing popularity of marketing via internet, companies are gaining higher profitability and return on investment. Hence, they seek for skilled professionals to take care of their internet marketing front.

Learning Digital Marketing will gain you a skill-set that will be quite beneficial to your career – be it a full time or freelancing job. It is up to you to pick what sort of Digital Marketer you want to be;

Course Details

  • Importance
  • 1. Market Research
  • 2. Website User Interface & Structure
  • 3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • 4. Google Ads (Text & Banner Ads)
  • 5. Youtube Ads (Video Advertising Campaigns)
  • 6. Google Analytics
  • 7. Facebook Ads & Branding
  • 8. LinkedIn Marketing & Advertising
  • 8. Email Marketing
  • 9. Content Marketing
  • 10. Blogging & Interactive Platform